Harry Potter themed escape rooms are set to open in Edinburg

Edinburgh Harry Potter Escape Game

Let’s escape to Edinburg for this Harry Potter Escape game!

The Department of Mysteries is a magical themed escape room experience, set to open on Friday, 13 April. Set in Edinburg’s Old Town, on Blair Street, participant will be supplied with a cloak to fully immerse in the magical experience.

Edinburgh Harry Potter Escape Game

Potterheads will be set a series of magic themed puzzles, brain teasers and riddles that they must solve to collect prophecies and save the wizarding world. Given 50 minutes to complete the game, groups of between two and five people will have to complete a series of magical tasks, cast spells, recite incantation and battle with dark forces to collect each prophecy.

Prices range from £14 per person for groups of five to £20 per person for groups of two. For more information, visit Department of Mysteries here

If you are planning to dressing like a witch or a wizard, you can also find your costumes here

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