Gellert Grindelwald's Magic Wand
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  • Brand : The Noble Collection
  • Size : 40 cm
  • Weight : 750 grammes
  • Included : collector box and name clip

This wand is the true replica of that used in the film. It was created from the archives of Warner Bros. studios.
It's a collector's item first comes in a beautiful box with a rod holder engraved with the name of the character.
An authentic recreation. Hand painted in fine detail.

The wand of Grindelwald, a powerfull Dumbledore's friend.

"And there was an argument ... and I pulled out my wand, and he pulled out his." Aberforth Dumbledore

This wand belonged to the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald. He likely obtained it prior to starting his education at the Durmstrang Institute, and used it throughout his school career, and beyond. Grindelwald's wand remained in its master's possession in the months following his expulsion from Durmstrang, however, Grindelwald eventually set it aside, upon attaining mastery of the Elder Wand.

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