Who's Ready for Winter? Our Hedwig and Dobby Beanie & Scarf Sets Await!

We are thrilled to unveil our latest creations - the Hedwig and Dobby inspired beanie and scarf sets! Step into the world of magic and cozy up in style with these whimsical accessories.

The Hedwig-themed set includes a stunning white scarf paying homage to Harry Potter's majestic snowy owl, accompanied by a beautiful woven beanie featuring a white pompom. Carefully crafted with premium materials, this set ensures maximum warmth and comfort during frosty days. In the same vein, the Dobby-themed set features a delightful blue scarf, which features an embroidered image of Dobby, that embodies the mischievous and lovable house elf. The scarf is accompanied by a woven beanie adorned with a playful white pom pom. This set flawlessly captures the essence of Dobby's personality and serves as the perfect finishing touch to embrace the spirit of everyone's favorite house elf.

Serving as a magical tribute to two highly regarded characters from Harry Potter, you can pair this set with your favorite Harry Potter-themed apparel and accessories to create a complete and enchanting ensemble. If you’re looking for more ideas to elevate your style this winter, take a look at our holiday guide for some more ideas!

Muhammed Farooq Kunnakkad
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