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Official Harry Potter merchandises, clothing and gifts

Operating under the official Warner Bros. license, here at Cinereplicas ™, we offer a wide range of products, from clothing such as scarves, robes and ties to accessories such as patches and luggage tags, and even kitchenware such as baking cups and our famous Chocolate Frog mold.

Cinereplicas ™  is your place to be where high quality Harry Potter merchandises and gifts await.

Why shop Harry Potter at Cinereplicas ™?

Premium quality official Harry Potter clothing and gifts

Our products are distinguished by their quality and strict compliance according to the license we operate under. We produce textile products as well as figurines or authentic life-size replicas.

Our specialties also include film replica clothing items including but not limited to scarves, gloves and t-shirts. Our customers can dress themselves accordingly to their own houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

Of course, no Harry Potter costume collection would be complete without a high quality robe just like the ones worn in the films. Not only do we offer robes of the four houses, they are available from XS to XL, fitting both adults and children. We are also inspired by the saga and proudly present our Harry Potter-inspired items such as socks and lightweight scarves which are also perfect for your day-to day outfit.

Cinereplicas ™ also offers a wide selection of gifts and bakeware ideal for any celebrations: cupcake baking cups, birthday candles, keyrings and magnets.

Peaceful transportation

We insure all our shipments to delivery. 

If the package is lost, we take care of the formalities and send you a replacement package. 

Who is Cinereplicas?

Founded in 2005 Cinereplicas™ specializes in merchandise from the collection of the world cinema.

Companies such as Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. trust us to represent their brand on their behalf which Cinereplicas has strived to take on significant challenges from the Harry Potter movies by developing a unique range of high quality products available to the public. 

All our products are perfect for the ultimate collector especially the ‘Firebolt broom’. This masterpiece took two years to create and was entirely handcrafted by French artisans, made from beech wood, brass and wicker with only a 10,000 made.

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