Set of 5 Hogwarts Houses Interchangeable Cookie Stamps



You can now stamp in a few seconds the crest of the four houses and of Hogwarts on your cookie dough. This set of five cookie stamps will become one of your favorite kitchen tool!


Whether you are making cookies for a special event or just to treat yourself, why not embellish them with some Harry Potter features? 
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French Design

Official Harry Potter Warner Bros License

Cinereplicas Trademark

  • Includes 5 stamps:
    • Gryffindor Crest
    • Hufflepuff Crest
    • Ravenclaw Crest
    • Slytherin Crest
    • Hogwarts Crest
  • Diameter: 6cm / 2.4"
  • Stamp: 100% FDA approved food-grade silicone
  • Handle: 100% Wood
  • BPA-free

Not suitable for baking near fire or on an electric hotplate.

Do not use a knife on the mold.

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