Hogwarts Houses Stationery Set

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    This Hogwarts Houses stationery set comes with supplies of all Hogwarts houses, leaving no one behind.

    It doesn't matter if you truly love school like Hermione Granger, or if you enjoy some fun and fun time like the Weasley twins - this stationery set will step up your stationery essentials.

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    French Design

    Official Harry Potter Warner Bros License

    Cinereplicas Trademark

    • This set includes:
      • 4 pencils
      • 1 notebook
      • 1 sharpener
      • 1 ruler
    • Composition:
      • Notebook: 100% paper
      • Ruler: 100% plastic
      • Pencil: 95% wood, 3% rubber, 1% plastic, 1% Metal
      • Sharpener: 99% plastic, 1% metal


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