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Cinereplicas.co.uk is managed by Fame Bros. Limited. Headquarter Kin Teck 13B, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong S.A.R. Fame Bros. Limited, registered under Companies Registry (CR) - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) under the number of 1985621.

Article 1: Application fields of the terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to any order placed on the websites cinereplicas.com. All modifications of the terms and conditions can be made at any moment. For all orders, the terms and conditions in force will be applied.

Article 2: Availability of products

Our products and prices are only available while stocks last.
After your order has been placed, we check the availability of the product(s). If the product(s) are not available, we will send it to you within a 30 days’ notice period or replace it with a similar product or refund you the money.
In order for us to properly process your order, please mention your order reference and personal data. The order is validated by your name and order number.

Pre-order items:
The official date can be found stated next to the product description on the website.
The pre-order system gives you the possibility to buy and reserve the product in advance, guaranteeing that you will receive the product in accordance to the official date stated. The product is considered pre-ordered only when we receive your payment (either by cheque or credit card).

Caution: The publisher can modify the official delivery date at any time. Moreover, other items ordered with your pre-ordered ones will also be delivered at that time. In case of modification on the official date, the customer could totally or partially cancel the order by a simple call to our Customer Service hotline.

Caution: In case of a pre-order on any limited edition items, Cinereplicas cannot ensure a 100% delivery performance of the product. Due to the high demand, people are registered on the waiting list according to the date of pre-order.

Caution: In case of a pre-order on any limited edition items, Cinereplicas cannot ensure a 100% accuracy on the price of the product since the distributor has the rights to modify the price. The client will be warned and could retract.

As part of our special offers, you can receive free samples from our partners with each sample per customer and per order. Due to possible errors made during the manual packaging process, it Is possible that you will not receive any samples. This matter cannot be reclaimed through our Customer Service.

Article 3: Order confirmation and electronic signature

Any purchase order signed by a "double click" constitutes a binding acceptance. This cannot be questioned. The « double click » during the purchase order accounts for a signature. This is worth noting for both parties.

Article 4: Price

At any time, Cinereplicas.co.uk reserves the right to modify the prices. Cinereplicas commits itself to apply the current prices mentioned at the time of the order.

Article 5: Payment and safety

Methods of payment:
· By credit card / Paypal:
The safety of the payment is ensured by PAYPAL. Your bank data will never pass through Cinereplicas.com. Though your order will be registered and your product sent after the acceptance of your payment.
For bank fees, the customer is fully responsible for any fees or additional charges that incur from their bank.
Cinereplicas will refund any order which is partially paid omitting the bank charge.

Bank data are encoded thanks to the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer) which prevents the data from circulating in clear. Payments are made directly by the bank. Cinereplicas.com cannot get access to the bank data and does not keep any records of it on the server. Due to this, you will be required to enter in the details for each order made via the website.

Copyrights clause:
Cinereplicas remains the ownership of the products until the complete payment of the order by the customer.

Cinereplicas.co.uk reserves itself the right to refuse to deliver or to accept the order of a consumer who failed to submit full payment for his orders or who is still in dispute for payment failure. If the payment hasn't been made within 90 days, the order will be cancelled. 

Anti-fraud control:
Cinereplicas.co.uk checks all the order placed on the website, this aims to prevent abuse subjected to the brand. As part of safety procedures, our services can request a copy of personal details such as written proof of address or any relevant documents when you reactivate your order. You will be informed by mail or by phone. Cinereplicas.co.uk reserves itself the right not to send the goods if the relevant documents are not received by Cinereplicas.

Credit card refused:
These are two possible situations you can be faced with if you pay by credit card:
1 - The payment is accepted and your order is treated
2 - The payment is denied:
Either the payment is blocked by the inter-bank network. Therefore the customer is informed by email and the order is held over.
Or the payment is temporarily refused (for instance if the customer has exceeded the spending limit) then the transaction will be submitted again until the validation.

Article 6: Delivery and delay for UK, France Metropolitan, Europe and the USA

6.1 - Mode
General remarks
Products are delivered to the address indicated during the order process.

You can consult the expenses cost linked to the preparation of the sending. This is classified by stages. Click here if you want to access to the matrix.

6.2 - Delivery time
Estimation of delivery times are calculated according to the working days.
There are average delays and correspond to the time required to prepare the order (from the departure made from the warehouse). The delay for the delivery of the goods must be added.

Regarding orders including pre-ordered items, the time of delivery corresponds to the longest time required. Somehow Cinereplicas.co.uk reserves itself the right to divide up the order into several deliveries without any additional cost for the customer.

The articles in stock are sent immediately. In any other case the availability will mentioned by email from our support and may vary between 5 to 120 days. This delay depends on the product ordered.

6.3 - Delivery delay
Cinereplicas does not assume the non-respect of the carrier delay.
Products are sent through the postal network or through an independent carrier. This depends on Cinereplicas initiative and the type of product ordered. Delivery delay shall lead to no penalty or compensation, nor be ground for any order cancellation or termination.

Delivery times are given for informational purposes only, and deliveries are made in the order of order arrival and subject to Cinereplicas´ supply and carrying possibilities.

Delivery method

Package and delivery
Before signing the delivery note, the customer must check if the goods delivered corresponds to the initial order.
Any damage must be mentioned (in writing) on the delivery note accompanied with your signature. The checking of the products is considered as done when the customer or anyone else has signed up the delivery note.

Any defects or failure must be indicated and confirmed within 15 working days from the receipt of your package. A copy of the reservations must also be sent to our headquarter:

Entrepôts Brandecision
23 avenue du Chemin des Reniers
92390 Villeneuve La Garenne

If the product needs to be returned you must contact the Customer Service support@cinereplicas.com within 15 days after the delivery. After this delay no claim could be accepted. Only item in their original state (packaging, props) will be accepted.
If upon delivery, the wrapping is damaged or opened you must check the conditions of the item(s). In case of damages you must refuse the package and write reservations on the delivery note.

6.4 - Changing address
If a package is returned because of a fake address, Cinereplicas is allowed to ask for additionnal shipment cost:
- The address was not properly written on the purchase order
- The customer did not write his address properly on the purchase order or his address is invalid
However if the carrier is responsible, Cinereplicas will open a claim because of "incorrect return" and will return the package without demanding any additional costs.

6.5 - Non-reclaimed products
If a package is not reclaimed, Cinereplicas is allowed to add additional shipping costs to return the package.

CAUTION: If the package is not reclaimed beyond 15 days to Cinereplicas (that is to say 30 days since the packet remains 15 days at the Post Office), the order cannot be cancelled and a refund will not be legible.

6.6 - Honesty clause
Cinereplicas is committed to inform the customers about the delivery details via an automatic email that is sent out (to the stated address provided by the customer on the application form) which includes the package reference, required for tracking purposes.

6.7 - Non-UK shipments and customs matters
All our rates are customs free. If you need to be delivered in a country outside the European Union, customs could charge the recipient. All custom fees are charged to customers and are for the national territory of the recipient, unrelated to Cinereplicas.com hence we take no responsibilities for this. If you need further information about custom fees, please contact the custom services of your country.

Article 7: Responsibilities
• Cinereplicas.co.uk is not responsible for shipping (delivery) troubles caused by strikes, flood, fire or any circumstances that are beyond our control. Moreover Cinereplicas cannot be charged for any indirect damages made to the products.

• The client is directly responsible for the choice of one's service or item(s). No refund, replacement will be accepted in case of a partial or total impossibility to use a product notably because of an incompatible of equipment. Moreover the responsibility of Cinereplicas will not be questioned except in case of hidden flaw, nonconformity, defective items, if a customer uses his retraction rights or any case tackled Article 8. If a product has any defects, you can cancel the order or keep the item and ask for a decrease of the price.

• In case of non-delivery of the entire order or of a part of the order:

- If the package is marked as delivered by the carrier, you have 14 days from the date of delivery declared by the carrier to submit your claim.

- If the package is NOT marked as delivered by the carrier, or encounters a delivery problem, and is not returned to the sender, you have 30 days from the shipping date to submit your claim.

Any claims made after the delay stated above will not be accepted.

• Cinereplicas will send an email informing you of your package’ status, the day your parcel leaves our warehouse. A statement of your order is also available in "Account" area. Claims can be made by email or courier to Entrepôts Brandecision; 23 avenue du Chemin des Reniers, 92390 Villeneuve La Garenne

In the case of delivery without a needed signature (super saver delivery or “colllissimo sans signature”), Cinereplicas commitments are limited to forward to the selected carrier as fast as possible. However, responsibility for the delivery will be entirely dependent on that carrier. Cinereplicas will not be liable for damage or loss of the package.

In case of dispute delivery, Cinereplicas reserves the right to request identification, including the signature of the customer and / or person living at the address and / or the person may have received the package. If the customer refuses to comply, Cinereplicas would not refund or exchange product.

Article 8: Return and Replacement right

8.1 - Return and Replacement right
Before shipping the product, you must have a return reference (please refer to paragraph 9 for the return procedures). The product should be returned in its original packaging, without any damages and obvious signs of use. The items must be accompanied with the accessories (instructions, guarantee booklet, certificate of authenticity etc.). Without them, you will not be enabled to benefit from the retraction right and will be responsible for paying the shipping cost.

• Data products (CD, DVD, DVD à la séance DVD-D, softwares, PC Games /Consoles):
The return right cannot be allowed for data products except if they are returned in time and in its original packaging (unopened).
• Recordable products (consoles, video card, MP3 drive, cell phone, hard disk, USB key) :
These products have a control mark to seal the packaging. In case of retraction the product returned will be refused if the control mark is damaged.
· Sales or special offers:
Products which benefited from a discount cannot be exchanged or returned.

8.2 - Pre-order
Regarding pre-order the client is entitled to cancel it as any other order. As a consequence, the same rules applies.

8.2 - Product on order
In the case of a product order, the order will be considered as "valid" only by the receipt of the payment (credit card or cheque). Delivery time and orders are only used as an indication. Cinereplicas commits to provide information to its client about delivery time. To cancel an order that has already been paid, some additional fees will be added due to the research and to the refund of the provider. They account for 6.5% of the total order will be added.

Article 9: Return right
9.1 - Return process
15 days delay
In the case of defective items, you must first contact our customer service.
No product will be accepted if it is not in the original packaging.

The product must be shipped to the following address:

Cinereplicas UK
6 Oakfield street
United Kingdom

Time to point out a problem:
• Before contacting our Customer Service, you have 15 days for a retraction from the receipt of your package. The product must be returned in good condition in the original packaging.
• You are given 15 days to report a flaw or defect.
After the acceptance of the Customer Service, you have 15 days to return the product. After this period, any product returns will be refused.

9.2 - Return costs
Shipping return costs are assumed by the customer.

9.3 - Packages treatment: Fake address/Denied
Your package may not be returned by the provider for the following reasons:
· Fake address
· Packet not claimed
· Packet refused at the delivery

After the control of the returned item, we will refund you by cheque.
We thank you for reminding us the order reference and your complete personal data in order to properly treat your request.

9.4 - Time and Refund conditions
If you return the product within 15 days and if the product is accepted after the quality control then payment of refund will be issued to you. The refund is done within 30 days by cheque, or via credit card (only if it is the same card used to purchase the order).

9.5 - Refund/Return
If the return is shipped within 15 days, the refund will be done through a credit valid for 1 year. This is only valid for orders paid by credit card or cheque. The refund could only be done within 90 days. Before no refund could be accepted (from the day payment has been cashed).
The refund can be done in cash only for bank transfers, cheque and the cash. It will be effective from the acceptance of the returned product.

Article 10: Company data
Cinereplicas.co.uk is runned by Fame Bros. Limited.

Cinereplicas.co.uk is managed by Fame Bros. Limited. Headquarter Kin Teck 13B, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong S.A.R. Fame Bros. Limited, registered under Companies Registry (CR) - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) under the number of 1985621.

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